Karnataka Women Achievers’ Awards

KWAA - Karnataka Women Achievers’ Awards was established in 2018 with a vision to create a platform that celebrates the exceptional accomplishments of women across various fields. Over the course of the past 5 years, this prestigious award ceremony has embarked on an incredible journey, setting new benchmarks in recognizing the unsung heroes who have made a significant impact in their respective domains. What sets the Karnataka Women Achievers’ Awards apart from other ceremonies is its unwavering commitment to being a non-commercial event, solely dedicated to honouring women achievers without any bias or favouritism. This profound dedication to recognizing the true talents without any commercial motive ensures the credibility and integrity of the awards. The Karnataka Women Achievers’ Awards have become synonymous with acknowledging the unparalleled achievements of women who have defied societal norms and made a remarkable difference in their communities. With each passing year, this esteemed ceremony continues to inspire and uplift countless individuals, demonstrating the power and resilience of women in Karnataka and beyond.


Who Can Nominate

If you are 18 years or above in age and are an Indian by birth and consider yourself an achiever, a woman of success and substance and you deem yourself suitable and deserving to be recognised in any one of the categories. Then, You are eligible to apply for yourself or on behalf of family or acquaintance (could be your mother, wife, sister, mother-in-law, cousins, colleagues or friends) Entries in multiple categories are not allowed.

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